Traction Engines Traction Engines Opening Parade round the outside perimeter of the park 66027288 67785455 67785456 'The Renown', Showman's Engine 66026171 67785457 67785458 It won't move, even for me! 16452918 The Renown Showman's Engine, owned by Ian Howard 16452915 67785463 67785471 67785473 66027285 67785474 67785475 Full Steam Ahead! A collection of different steam powered equipment - Renown, the carousel, and fairground 16452974 Last Scammell Lorry ever built 16452938 Agricultural Engine 16452931 Steam Roller Earl E Ryzer - honest, that is it's name 16452936 Steam Roller 16452947 Agricultural Engine 16452937 Agricultural Engine 16452939 Sleeping Quarters 16452940 Scale Model Traction Engine 16452949 Scale Model Traction Engine 16452961 The Renown Getting a bit of TLC from Ian Howard and family 16452950 The Renown 16452951 The Renown With Ian Howard's wife 16452962 The Renown With Ian Howard's daughter 16452963 The Renown 16452964 Smoke Box Door Made by Fowler of Leeds 16452952 Giant Packing Case The Showman's Engine travelled and slept in this box. The box was decorated to look like a giant packing case. Front opening. 16452973 Asleep at 6 am The Agricultural Machine rested under this cover at night 16455450 Ian Howard with the Mayor and Mayoress in front of Renown 16455443