Birkenhead Park Festival of Transport  24/25th Sept 2016

A BIRKENHEAD LIONS RUN EVENT      NOW IN ITS 9th YEAR OF RUNNING.                                                       

Exhibitors from previous shows have included....

One of the major attractions at previous festivals is this 1909 Stanley Steam Car, owned by Mr David Webster of Wirral. It was built in Massachusets, USA by Stanley Brothers and is a Model 'R'.

The engine is of 20 hp and is a two cylinder double acting type, in which the piston is pushed both directions. It is fed by a boiler which works at 600 lbs per sq inch and is fired with Kerosene and which needs some 30 minutes to raise steam from cold.

The car is non-condensing and uses One Gallon of Water per mile, and as it carries 30 gallons then we have to refill every 30 miles.

Fuel is on average 10mpg.

It is one of only 100 built of this type, all in 1909.

The handbook says…”for the owner who wishes to reach speeds of 50 to 60 mph on a good road…"

It has no gears or neutral and when the car stops, so does the engine, just as a steam railway locomotive does.

Stanley Motor Co was in being from 1899 to 1925.


Renown' is a Showmans Engine made by Fowler in 1920 works no.15653 reg. no.CU 978.

Bought by John Murphy a Showman from South Shields to transport, erect, dismantle and generate electricity for the lights on his Proud Peacocks Ride. During the war years it was used for timber felling and haulage and then fell into disrepair.Bought for preservation in the 1950s and by the present owners, Howard Brothers in 1979 when she was restored to her present condition.Severely damaged in a fire in their workshops in 2003 received an extensive rebuild to see her back in action by 2005. Weight 20 tons. Owned and presented by Howard Brothers.

Foster Agricultural Engine 1910 works no.12539 weight 12 tons.Originally owned by Bonells Thrashing Contractors, in 1914 it then went to Barlows of Knutsford and continued to be used until World War II. Came into preservation in the 1950s.Owned by F. Lythgoe and presented by Phil and Giles Moston.

Fowler 'Tiger' Tractor 1917 works no.14805 reg no.UG 1496 was new to Olive Partington of Glossop, Derbyshire.Owned and presented by Sue and Dave Cope.

Aveling and Porter Showmans Tractor 1906 works no.6093, weight 5 tons, reg no. D 2800.Spent most of its working life in Kent as a showmans tractor.

Fowler's Showman's Engine, 'Prince of Wales', 1917.


Juvenile Austin Car Ride 1957.

 Eli Bridge Big Wheel 1947.

Chair O Planes 1946.

Vintage Buses.



Vintage Commercial Vehicles.

Historic Military Vehicles

 Vintage Emergency Service Vehicles.

Vintage Motorcycles.


Waterfront Carriages.

Laura Ashtons Siberian Huskies.
Rockcliffe Raptors.

R.A.F Recruitment - Full Sized Replica Harrier Jump Jet, Tornado Jet and a Hawk Trainer.

Static Display 6010 Squadron.

Wirral Model Boat Club.

New Brighton Model Boat Club.

Army Cadets.

Sea Cadets.

Air Cadets.

Lions Promotion Trailer.

Police Pod.


This is a picture of our sea-going boat, MVS ‘Vedette’. With this and a couple of smaller boats, we are currently offering, among lots of other things, a basic boat handling course in Liverpool Docks. This is aimed at young people aged 11-17 where basic rowing and motor boat skills will be taught and a participation certificate issued at the end of the one day course.

We are a registered charity, number 1048454. A uniformed national organisation recognised and accepted by the Royal Navy. Our aim is to assist the community in general and young people in particular. For further details, contact Phil Wilson on 07502018075.


Lilla was built by Hunslet in 1891 for the Cilgwyn Slate Co Quarry at Nantlle and was bought by the Penrhyn Quarry in 1928. She has been at the Ffestiniog Railway since 1993.
And many, many more!